Wednesday- 23-05-2018


Promoting human dignity for community transformation  



To see the church united and commissioned to bring positive sustainable transformation to all areas of life - spiritual, physical, social, emotional, economic, academic, and moral. Transformation isn't finished if it's not complete.

When God told Revival Time Outreach to "Turn the light on" to cause the darkness to flee, we believe He called us into both the shallowest and deepest corners of life. That is why we feel free to minister to the many types of needs around us in church, government, community, medical, education, business and trade, and the family


About Us
- Background
- Our Vision and Mission
- Objectives
What We Do
- 3C Church Gulu
- Lapogo Medical Center
- Bible Institute Gulu
- Community Projects
- => Operation Loving Touch
- => HAPPEN project
- => WASH project
- => Church aid Acholi programs
- => OVC retom Uganda
- => Seed of Faith Women
Where We Work
- Northern Uganda Region
- Retom USA
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