Wednesday- 23-05-2018


1.     To preach the good news of Salvation to everybody everywhere

2.     To plan churches and prayer networks across the Nations.

3.      Organizing Christian conferences, seminars, conventions and spiritual retreats.

4.      To strengthen early child spiritual development in churches

5.     To reach Army Barracks, Prisons, Hospitals, Orphanages and Rehabilitation centers with the restoring and healing word of   God.

6.      To partner with the governments, public and private sectors, donors and UN agencies in order to meet the varied needs of the people and to maximize the limited resources available to alleviate poverty and injustices.

7.      Promote healthcare measures in line with Christian values of brotherhood and good health to everyone everywhere.

8.     To rehabilitate the degenerated morals and ethics and instill the spirit of brotherhood among the youths.

9.     Offer counseling services to the communities in distress and encourage them to have a living HOPE in Jesus Christ our lord.

10.Offer Support to HIV/AIDS victims; carry VCT (voluntary counseling and testing) for HIV/AIDS and other STDs tests, OVCs, Street kids and Child mothers training & supports.

11.Share Jesus love through materials giving; like shoes, clothing, Christmas gifts and so on.

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