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Revival Time Outreach Ministries is a Ugandan Christian NGO that arose in 2003 in response to the most horrific war in African history; it is an arm of Christ Community Church. And it's over the last two decades that districts in Northern Uganda (Gulu, Kitgum, Pader, Lamwo, Amuru, Nwoya, Agago and Abim) experienced armed civil strife between the Government of Uganda (GoU) and the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) rebels. Many churches that were established in the villages were burned down by the rebel bandits and the young and old people were exposed to increasing levels of brutality. The traditional, social, economical, and religious structures were greatly undermined and society, especially the children & youth, underwent bitter moral degeneration during the camp life. Estimates of the young people who engaged in dangerous sexual and other immoral activities are alarming. The RETOM Acholi program targets the preaching of the good news about Jesus Christ to the Acholi community so as to promote transformation from immoral behavior to the Christian life style.

The armed conflict and the subsequent crisis experienced subjected the young people to high levels of immorality never before experienced in Acholi sub-region. This immorality came as a result of redundancy and lack of proper church intervention to normalize the situation. People were forced into camps out of fear of and terror inflicted by the marauding bands of the LRA rebels. Owing to this Background, the Revival Time Outreach Ministries Uganda was born. RETOM works with youths/ young adults to rehabilitate them from the moral decay through preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus, crusades, conferences and other activities that facilitate the understanding of salvation to help in the general spiritual and social development, among others.

So as we work in Gulu, Uganda, we strive to see transformation in all areas of life - spiritual, physical, social, emotional, economic, academic, and moral. Our goal is to continue to reach out throughout Northern Uganda where the LRA has been very very active and has caused unimaginable devastation.

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